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About the Owner

Gege Cordeiro 


Why is the store called Sugar & Paris?

The store is named after my daughter, Paris and my dog, Sugar. I brought my dog to work with me every day when I first opened this shop. My daughter has been a great influence on my style and taste.

How did you get your start in art and design?

I always loved designing so when I was 28, I went back to college and got my fine arts degree from Texas State University.

How long have you owned Sugar & Paris?

I founded Sugar & Paris four years ago, 2013,  after the closure of the furniture store I co-created with my late-mother. In 2009 amid the financial crisis causing the closure of your business my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed 5 months later. While greiving and raising my beautiful daughter by myself without the influence of her grandmother, I began volunteering at YMCA with their Alzheimer's program.

We get so self-absorbed that it’s important get out of your little boxes and

I had the chance to say goodbye to my mother but these people are taking care of their loved ones who don’t even recognize them

Helped bring me out of my depression and self-pity.

About that same time one of my close friends asked me to over her business Avenue Gallery which has since become Sugar and Paris.